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Best exhaust system for chevy silverado 1500

In every automobile, be it motorcycles, tricycles, cars, single cab trucksetc. The best exhaust system for Silverado simply refers to a piping system that enables guiding reaction exhaust gases away from a controlled combustion inside an engine. An appropriately designed exhaust system helps to regulate inflow and outflow of air and combusted gases respectively, which affects the performance of motor and vehicle. More importantly, the essence of a good exhaust system is to control the exhaustion of poisonous or toxic gases such as hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxides.

It fits just your need for a high-performance exhaust system. This exhaust system is made by Corsa, one of the leading high-tech producers of stainless steel exhaust systems. Irrespective of whatever vehicle you use, this Corsa exhaust system is available for use in a wide range of automobiles, ensuring that you are well covered irrespective of your social status or taste of cars.

Therefore, to ensure long term usage and durability of your vehicle engine, a Cat-Back exhaust system should be installed in your vehicle. ATAK stands for acoustically tuned applied kinetics. It is one of the top exhaust systems for Silverado Additionally, the Borla Cat-Back exhaust system use engine-specific silencers that are designed, tested and optimized specifically for a particular year, make or model of vehicles, one of which is the Silverado While ensuring your vehicle performance, it ensures the durability of your engine and ultimately prolong the life of your automobile thereby saving you the cost of having to buy a new engine, or a new car or even being charged by authorities for air or environmental pollution due to uncontrolled burnt gases release into the air.

This exhaust system has the following features that make it a desirable exhaust system for Silverado. It is made of aluminized steel and therefore does not add extra weight to your vehicle.

Additionally, the aluminized steel ensures it protects the exhaust system permanently from rusting and corrosion and ultimately maintaining the brilliant mirror sheen and silver color. It is designed to have a high flow performance both for the inflow of air and carrying away toxic burnt exhaust gases. The piping system likewise ensures the minimization of noise emanating due to the operation of this exhaust system. And this may have been made possible due to the single side exhaust system which may also help in reducing the rate of energy consumption by the vehicle, hence on a general note help the user to save cost.

Besides the cost-saving, the single side exhaust system helps to sweep away stifling backpressure that may arise during the exchange of air into and outside the motor engine while making space for cold air to rush into the engine.

Moreover, the MBRP single side exhaust system also helps to reduce or eliminate any damage of the engine while keeping lubricants fresher, a feature necessary for prolonged engine life. Check Recent Price. The best exhaust system for Silveradomad in the United States of America. It is designed for long term durability. The MagnaFlow Performance Cat-Back exhaust system gives you the sound you desire as well as the necessary power. This exhaust system is expedient for your daily drive to be it a car, off-road truck, hot rod or custom project.

It is built with stainless steel, a property that protects it from corrosion and rust, thereby improving the shelf life of this exhaust system. The MagnaFlow exhaust system is built with the high performing and high durability exhaust components, one of the best you would find in the world at large.

A mesh wrap and acoustical fiber fill in order to give the desired smooth and deep tone. More so, with a silencer tightly packed with the acoustic material, longer shelf life and non-degradation of sound are adequately ensured. With an exhaust system featuring a fast flowing mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing, the exchange of air and burnt gases is done in a fast and efficient manner.

The Magnaflow Cat-Back exhaust system gives a gratifying exhaust sound alongside improved exhaust flow, a feature designed to produce performance gains. It is the best exhaust system for Chevy Silverado especially for owners or users seeking improved performance as well as better cost and energy savings. This exhaust system offers your desired deep and smooth sounds and the robust performance power you so much need.We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

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Select the option that best describes your vehicle. We want to make sure the part fits your specific vehicle so we need a little more information from you. Show More. MagnaFlow offers complete performance exhaust systems for your Chevrolet Silverado Determine the power and sound you demand for your Silverado and shop all available exhaust systems online.

Select your '18 Chevrolet Silverado sub-model and engine details to buy the best exhaust system that fits your needs. Read More Accept. Select Your Vehicle Type.

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Vehicle Details We need to know a little more about your vehicle. Vehicle EFN Choose which emissions standard is equipped on your vehicle. Shop Vehicle Filter. Browse all Silverado Exhaust Systems MagnaFlow offers complete performance exhaust systems for your Chevrolet Silverado Sorry, there are no results.Your browser appears to not support JavaScript or has it disabled. Many sections of this site will not perform properly if JavaScript is disabled.

Please enable JavaScript to take full advantage of this site and its features. The Chevrolet Silverado represents the hard-working American attitude in truck-form. The family of Silverado trucks are dependable as they are impressive, built to perform. Thanks to its rock-solid reputation, the Chevy pickup has plenty of fans who are looking for an exhaust system that will bring out the beast in their Silverado.

When it comes to upgrading your truck's exhaust system you can depend on Borla's aftermarket exhaust systems. American made from high-quality materials including premium T stainless steel with polished chrome tip or black chrome tip options, giving you the sound and durability that you've come to expect from a Borla exhaust system.

Each exhaust system is tuned to enhance the subtle exhaust notes. Our products don't just boost volume, they let your Chevy roar and sing. Take advantage of the legendary sound and performance boost—and no drone. These products come with our Chevrolet Silverado cat-back kits. Available for a variety of models of Silverado trucks including 4. Pick and choose your preferred exhaust system to match the true voice of your Chevy pickup truck.

Whether you are looking to enhance the tone of your Chevrolet Silverado or you want to wake up the neighborhood, consider Borla for the best upgrade.

Our cat-back and aftermarket exhaust systems allow you to makeover the appearance and the style of your truck. Set the new standard for powerful exhaust in your neck-of-the-woods. Borla offers the best quality products for your truck thanks to the applications of stainless steel, and more.

When you want exhaust options to give your truck the sound boost you are looking for, begin and end with Borla. Borla gives you the highest standard of quality in the aftermarket performance exhaust industry. Once you outfit your truck with a Borla kit for those powerful exhaust notes, you will be sold on the rich, powerful tone.

Select the right fit for your Silverado by model year engine type, and the type of tip exit. Let us help you select a specific type of aftermarket and cat-back exhaust for your Silverado Borla gives you the option to achieve the look you are after with a range of tip exits including Dual Split Rear Exit, Single Split Rear Exit, Split Side Exit, or Side Exit, and the option of carbon fiber, polished chrome, or black chrome tips to catch the eye.

The types of aftermarket exhaust sound levels that Borla offers include:. Touring - Enhances the overall tone of the exhaust sound without drastically increasing volume.

S-type - Boosts volume and tone beyond the regular stock sound. Keyword s or Part. Chevrolet Silverado Exhaust Systems. Classic 4. Z Incl.When looking for the best exhaust system for a Chevy Silverado you should consider: the measurements of the system, the materials the system is manufactured out of, the ground clearance of the system, the decibels or the sound of the system. You also should consider how easy the system is to install and whether the system is compatible with your original equipment or if you will need new hangers to install.

We know that those are a lot of things to consider so our experts decided to try out several exhaust systems that are compatible with the Chevy Silverado body style, length and requirements. The 16 gauge tubing used to design the pipes of this cat back exhaust system are mandrel bent. Mandrel bent tubing creates a bend in the tubing that does not restrict the flow of the exhaust through the pipes.

The mandrel bends are gentler and they do not leave the metal kinked, or folded so they do not slow down the exhaust being expelled. When you have a greater amount of flow like you have with this exhaust system you get an increased amount of torque and you also increase the horsepower your engine has.

Another benefit of greater exhaust flow with less restriction is the increased fuel mileage that you get. This exhaust system has all of the hangers and hardware that you will need to install it. It is a cat back system that installs behind the catalytic converter, and it does not include an extra resonator that will dampen the sound of the exhaust.

The Best Exhaust Systems for Silverado 1500 in Terms of Performance and Sound

It does have an aggressive and resonating growl when it is idling or when you are cruising at low speeds and RPMs. When you accelerate to increase the speed the growl increases to a roar. Stainless steel has been used to craft an exhaust system that has an aggressive sound, and an impressive appearance. The system weighs The exterior of the metal is painted for an increased aesthetically pleasing appearance.

This system is very easy to install. All of the clamps, hangers, and hardware that you will need to perform the installation are included in the kit. You should measure your current system to make sure that you have enough room under your truck for this one. This exhaust system is designed to be driven legally in most places.

You should check your local noise level regulations to make sure that this unit is acceptable in the areas you live and drive in. The State of California has issued a Cancer and reproductive harm warning about this item. To read more about this go to www. This system has large diameter tubing for pipes and it has few bends so it allows for a free expulsion of exhaust. You will see an increase in vehicle performance and horsepower after you install this unit.

You may also see an increase in how far you can drive on a gallon of fuel. This dual tailpipe system has 2. On the end of those 2. The tips are stainless steel that has been coated in the ceramic coating. The Flowmaster logo is emblazoned on the tips. The pipes of this cat back system exit in front of the rear tire. The system measures It weighs It is a designed fit for the Chevy Silverado manufactured for to The sound of this system is moderately aggressive.

best exhaust system for chevy silverado 1500

That means you get the interior growl and rumble, but it is not too loud, and it is street legal. Tis amazing sound is the direct result of the free flow of exhaust that the mandrel bent pipes allow.

There is nothing restricting flow and create a pressure exhaust back-up. You get increased horsepower and torque to back up the aggressive sound. You will also get more miles from each gallon of fuel. This amazing exhaust system will give you the aggressive sound you want.For a lot of people, the stock exhaust that comes on their truck is all they will ever need — aside from the possible need for a replacement if they are not careful on the road. That is when a high-performance exhaust upgrade becomes a great choice to customize their truck in the best way possible.

That means you need to check your make and model, in this case, a Chevrolet Silveradoand also the model year of your pickup. From there, you want to make sure you pick an exhaust system that is compatible with your specific engine since multiple engines are available for the Silverado each year.

5 of the Best Exhaust Upgrades for Your Silverado

Be careful with any aftermarket parts you choose for your vehicle, since you want to ensure they are of the highest quality possible. The following are some of the best exhaust upgrades for the Silverado out there, with systems available for as well as earlier models in most cases.

This is a dual-exit exhaust designed specifically for the 5. The dual-exit is just a bit nicer and offers better features overall, in our opinion. There are a number of these available for different model years and engines, and we suggest the Cat-Back dual-exit Exhaust System in particular.

Dual 3-inch stainless steel pipes offer impressive sound and excellent performance, with options for either dual out the rear or out the sides — whichever you prefer. The pipes are capped with a pair of 4-inch double-wall black ceramic-coated stainless steel tips, which offer a great look and solid performance. Seriously, people will definitely hear your truck coming with this exhaust system, so keep that in mind, especially if you have close neighbors and need to use your truck early in the morning.

This system is pretty similar to the Flowmaster Outlaw in overall look and design, with a pair of 4-inch rolled stainless exhaust pipes, each tipped with a black ceramic finish. These are rear-out pipes, however, so you lack the other option provided with the Flowmaster Outlaw system.

This is a solid exhaust system that produces a notably aggressive sound when you rev your engine or cruise along the highway.

This is one of the more expensive options out there on the market, but it is certainly among the best. This is a rear-exit setup that provides excellent performance and really makes for an enjoyable overall driving experience for your truck. If you want your Silverado to sound like a roaring beast, then this is a good way to go. You can use this exhaust system with either the 4. It has a Super 40 series muffler that exits into a pair of 2.

A pair of 3.

Flowmaster vs Magnaflow Sound Comparison

A lot of the other upgrades on the market offer loud, aggressive sound for your truck, both for people around you and for you while driving. The American Thunder series provides deep, impressive sound quality from your engine to people outside of your pickup, while providing only a moderate boost for you in the cabin. Your email address will not be published. Open Today!

best exhaust system for chevy silverado 1500

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best exhaust system for chevy silverado 1500

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best exhaust system for chevy silverado 1500

Change Your Vehicle. Back Don't see Delete Question 1 of 3. Select a different vehicle. By installing an aftermarket cat-back from one of the tried and true manufacturers — aFe, Magnaflow, Borla, etc. AmericanTrucks sells everything from thrifty aluminized steel cat-backs to T stainless systems that will likely outlast your truck! Tell us about your vehicle And we'll show you items that fit.

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Meet Our Team. I previously had a Corvette that no longer fit my lifestyle hauling kids from sporting event to sporting event. Review Our Cookie Policy We use cookies and similar technology to enhance your experience by recognizing your repeat visits and preferencesas well as to measure and analyze traffic.Chevrolet Silverado is a powerful, full-size pickup truck to handle heavy loads. Its exhaust system is essential to have the burned fuel and air mixture removed.

So, even if the factory one is efficient in the sound muffling, creating sufficient backpressure, there comes a time to change it. Why does it? It is necessary to improve the driving, making the gases to escape fast and easily. The best exhaust system for Silverado increases power, decreasing pressure while getting rid of fumes and increasing the BHP brake horsepower.

Which parts — cat-back or axle-back are better? Which material to prefer — aluminized or stainless steel? See our selection of the best product!

Borla 2. Image Product 1. Borla Material - T Exit number - 2 Outlet diameter - 2. Flowmaster Material - T Exit number - 2 Outlet diameter - 2. Flowmaster Material - Aluminized Exit number - 2 Outlet diameter - 2. The exhaust system is top-quality and performant. ATAK is the loudest Borla system, producing great, aggressive sound. All components including the muffler, tubes and tips are made of T, aerospace-grade stainless steel, guaranteeing long-lasting durability and the perfect rust-resistance.

It is backed by one-million-mile manufacturer guarantee, being really reliable and long-lasting. The construction is welded, made of mandrel bent tubes that reduce restriction to increase the gas speed.

The inlet diameter is 2. Quite naturally, they are mirror-polished to ensure the best possible look and maintenance-free operation. The construction is split, coming with two rear pipes and tips. The system is easy to mount, as it is to be completely bolt on, including all the necessary parts, such as:.

Every configuration is custom designed to fit the special truck model, and make. Conclusion The Borla-brand exhaust system is powerful and efficient. Combining the benefits of straight-through and multi-core technologies, ATAK-system mufflers produce the best, aggressive and vibration-free sound. The system is extremely durable and long-lasting, made of rust-free, T alloy.

2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Exhaust Systems

Additionally, the system ensures significant horsepower and torque increase, as well as fuel economy.

Pros durability; reliable, rust-resistant material; loud, aggressive, deep sound; easy installation; million-mile warranty; accurate fit; great performance; maximum flow; significant MPG miles per gallon gain. Cons welded tailpipes. The kit is high-performance, designed to reach significant improvements in horsepower and torque.

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